We spend a lot of time at our desks and, while many of us take them for granted, our desks go through a lot during a typical workday. From spills and smudges, to lost pens, misplaced paperwork and whatever else we throw at them, our desks take it all in stride and come back for more. For many office workers, their desks are their second home. It’s for these reasons that we should take better care of our desks and give them a good cleaning from time to time.

A clean desk means increased productivity, a more respectful work environment and far fewer sick days. Another reason we should keep our desks clean and free of clutter is that our desks are usually the first thing a client sees when they walk into our office. What kind of impression does a dirty desk make on a new client? What does your messy desk say about you?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons you should keep your desk clean:

First Impression- clients see your desk every day and, to them, the condition of your desk is relative to the type of work you produce. If your desk is a mess, they might feel as though your quality of work could be less than professional.

Healthier Employees And Fewer Sick Days- a dirty desk can contain millions of germs, bacteria and allergens. This can result in unhealthy work conditions and an increase in sick days. Keeping your desk clean and free from germs and bacteria will ensure healthier, happier employees and less sick days which can save the average business owner a lot of time and money.

Air Quality- another reason to keep your desk clean is that it will help reduce the amount of airborne pollutants in your office. Research shows that the number of indoor airborne pollutants is 100 times greater than it is outdoors. A clean and organised office environment, as well as an air filtration system, can dramatically improve air quality at your office.

Represents Your Brand- just as your desk is a good indicator of your level of professionalism, it is also a representative of your brand. You can elevate your brand, taking it an all new level, by keeping your desk clean and tidy. A messy work environment could give off negative vibes to potential customers.

Happier, More Productive, Employees- keeping your desk clean and organised affects more than just your client base, it can have an effect on your coworkers as well. Many people find it difficult to work in clutter and productivity in the workplace can diminish as a result. For happier, more productive employees and coworkers, keep your desk clean and organised.

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