Due to the recent spread of corona virus, also known as COVID-19, that has taken the world by surprise, people have turned their attention to deep cleaning, and we have since then have an increase in the demand for our cleaning service in London. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the present situation is of utmost importance. The worldwide outbreak of corona virus has people hiring various corona virus cleaning services in London to protect themselves, their homes, and businesses such as restaurants, pubs, offices, nursery, or more from contamination. The effects of COVID-19 can last up to two weeks, and the increasing spread of this disease has resulted in a higher number of casualties in the UK.

A deep cleaning service is important for all businesses in London who wish to keep their employees safe. Our cleaners are professional cleaning specialists with several deep cleaning experiences, and we have to attend to our customers’ needs. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we developed a new cleaning service ‘coronavirus cleaning service’ and antiviral sanitization service in line with the recommendation and guidance from the Chief Medical Officers.

Following the coronavirus prevention guidance set by the Health Authorities, people are continuously dusting, washing, and disinfecting offices and homes, believing that lives may depend on it. Though COVID-19 is known to spread mostly through saliva or mucus from person to person, there is the case that transmission can happen by touching infected surfaces. Recent observation suggests that the virus can stay on steel or plastic surfaces for a few hours and days. The Health authorities suggest a preventive measure of the cleaning of objects and dirty surfaces followed by disinfection. Crystal Cleaning Servicing in London is now getting swamped with requests for virus disinfection cleaning service , a process that involves cleaning all the business premises, even the forgotten areas with more dirt, dust, and virus-carrying particulates.

The corona virus cleaning service in London has been designed to prevent your employees and clients from getting infected when they return to work. We use the Centers for Disease Control, and the Environmental Protection Agency approved virus disinfectant products, which can kill 99.9% of germs in five minutes after using. The primary recommendations of the Health Authorities on how to protect your family and yourself from respiratory disease including coronavirus are by practicing good hand hygiene, thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting items you hold, and covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough. Our cleaners are equipped with protective items such as gloves and masks, and disinfecting products for coronavirus cleaning. Also, our cleaners are required to use shoe covers and disposable gloves. All employees must wash their hands cleanly with soap and warm water for at least twenty-second immediately after the gloves. They have to use hand sanitizing, allowing the gel to stay on their hands for at least fifteen seconds. All cleaning equipment like a mop and vacuum cleaners need to be disinfected between appointments. We use professional biocidal cleaner for disinfection.

Crystal Cleaning servicing offers the following options for covid-19 disinfection service:

  • A manual deep clean of all areas from top to bottom or inside out, including disinfecting the surfaces.
  • Disinfecting all visible and accessible areas with a fogging machine: the best and the quickest solution and allows employees to return to work faster.
  • A combination of both methods above; fogging all visible and accessible areas with the fogging machine and then disinfecting the areas touched by hand (used for the most work as it is quick and practical).
  • Fogging of all areas together with a thorough manual deep clean and then manually disinfecting the entire premises.