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Data Centre Cleaning London

Leading Provider for Regular Data Centre Cleaning Service in London

Data Centre Cleaning in London

Crystal Cleaning Servicing specializes in professional Data Centre and Data Hall cleaning in London.

What makes us different is our reputable name, superior management system and professional training in house to all of our cleaners. You will receive professionally delivered, very personalized and to exceptional high standard cleaning service for your data centre or data hall.

Crystal Cleaning Servicing is continuously improving and developing our offerings. We have built a solid foundation as a result of our strong relationship with our clients. The majority of our clientele is gained through recommendations. We are proud to be one of the preferred data centre cleaning contractors in London which are delivering very customized and remarkable cleaning services.

Regular cleaning of your data centre and server room will help to minimise the risk of down time and ensure the smooth running of your operations on a day to day basis.

Our services vary from a one off deep clean to arranging a Preventive Maintenance Service, which is put into place based on your own specific requirements.

Let us come to your site where we can discuss your needs and give you a free no obligation quote. Simply call us on 02033836066 to arrange this with our friendly team.

Services We Offer:

  • Server Room Cleaning
  • Clinical Cleans
  • Comms room cleaning
  • Post Construction Cleans
  • Specialised deep clean
  • On-going intermediate cleans
  • Server Room Cleaning
  • IT equipment cleaning
  • Air particle testing

Our Data Center Clinical Cleaning Can Consist Of:

  • Sub floor cleaning
  • Ceiling and floor void cleaning
  • Raised floor surface cleaning (burnishing or apply anti-static conductor)
  • External cabinets and wall mounted equipment, CRAC units, wall surfaces, frame works and windows
  • Internal clean of cabinets and servers if required
  • High level cleaning of trunking, ducting, tray works and lighting systems.

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Our data centre cleaning service in London includes comprehensive cleaning of all critical environments. This covers the cleaning of floors, ceilings, server racks, and equipment surfaces. We use specialized HEPA-filtered vacuums and anti-static cleaning agents to ensure dust and contaminants are effectively removed without causing any damage to sensitive equipment.

Regular cleaning of data centres is crucial to maintain optimal performance and longevity of equipment. Dust and contaminants can cause overheating, block airflow, and lead to equipment failures. By maintaining a clean environment, you reduce the risk of downtime, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Yes, our cleaning methods are specifically designed to be safe for sensitive data centre equipment. We use anti-static materials and HEPA-filtered vacuums to prevent static discharge and remove even the smallest particles. Our team is trained to handle delicate components with care, ensuring no disruption to your operations.

The frequency of professional cleaning for a data centre depends on the environment and usage. Generally, it is recommended to schedule cleaning services at least twice a year. However, high-traffic or mission-critical environments may require more frequent cleaning to maintain optimal conditions and ensure reliability.

Absolutely, we offer flexible scheduling to minimize any disruption to your operations. Our team can perform cleaning services during off-peak hours, weekends, or overnight to ensure your data centre remains fully operational. We understand the importance of uptime and work around your schedule to provide seamless service.