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Top 10 things you need to know before ending your tenancy in London

Everything comes to an end and as philosophical as this might sound, it applies to tenancies as well. But before stressing over what place you’re going to choose next, let us give you some tips on ending the tenancy you have first.

1. Move out on time

It doesn’t matter whether you have a fixed tenancy term or a periodic one as long as you have to respect the deadline of your rent payment until the last day. In the first case, you have to pay for everything until the end day that is written on the arrangement. This means that you still have to pay if you haven’t given notice to your landlord in the correct way. And even if that happens, try to make a negotiation with your landlord about a new end date and respect this one. As for the second case, you can end your tenancy at the moment of noticing your landlord about it and you have to pay rent until the notice day given.

2. Take photos of everything around

One of the best ways to prove things is by taking a photo of them. Most of the time, landlords take a photo of everything around the house before letting new tenants in. This happens as proof to let them know about any damage done to the property later on. To avoid misunderstandings on this topic, you should take photos of every part of the house before moving out.

3. Pack all your belongings

This is easier said than done, as many times people tend to forget some of their belongings before moving out. Packing everything sometimes turns into a stressful situation that leads to confusion and mess. So make sure you calm yourself down before packing your belongings.

4. Inspect everything in detail

What’s better than making sure no damage is around the house you’ve been living for quite some time? Nothing, so take your time and check out every appliance around the place, blocked or broken drainages and molds or stains that might be hiding around the corner.

5. Cancel services connected to the property

We all know that gas, electricity, water, and the internet are vital for having a decent lifestyle nowadays. But before your tenancy end day, make sure you end all these contracts in time.

end of tenancy

6. Clean everything around the place

Now it’s time for the most crucial tip so read carefully. Unlike the regular house cleaning that we’re sure you’ve been doing for a long time, moving out of a property requires an end-of-tenancy cleaning service too. But it’s safe to say that you’re at the right place for that. Our team of professional cleaners will provide you with the best cleaning service in London. Just give us a call and continue reading all the other tips we have for you because the rest is in our hands.

7. Get your security deposit back

As for this one, the only thing we have to tell you is that by letting professionals like us do the cleaning part for you, you will certainly get your money back. So think twice and take no chances.

8. Prepare for your next rental

If you’re the tenant yourself you now have to check for a new place before finishing all the procedures of moving out. And if you’re a landlord yourself, make sure to get prepared for your next tenants.

9. Make sure your rent is up-to-date

Try to get proof of every rental payment you’ve been doing until the last day to avoid misunderstandings with your landlord.

10. Return the keys and give your new address to the landlord

We’re sure that you wouldn’t forget to return your keys to the landlord, but we also suggest you give out the new address too. In this way, your previous landlord can have the opportunity of sending you a mail in any case.
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