Kick back the dust in your home this hay fever season

Do you want to know how to reduce dust in your home?

If you often find yourself wheezing, have watery eyes, or struggle breathing in your own home, you may have a dust mite allergy. This is an allergic reaction to tiny bugs that commonly live in your house, often showing symptoms similar to hay fever such as sneezing and having a runny nose.

Whilst hay fever is classified as a seasonal allergy, it normally affects sufferers throughout the summer months between May and August when the grass pollen levels are at their highest. If you are unlucky enough to have hay fever-like symptoms all year round, you may be reacting to other substances that we find in the home. This includes allergens like dust mites, pet allergens or mould spores can be responsible for perennial rhinitis, causing people to feel like they have a cold all year round.

However, there are many things you can do to help reduce your exposure to allergens. The easiest way is to reduce the dust levels in your home because unlike hay fever, dust mite allergies are perennial so symptoms happen year-round.

Here are our top 8 tips on how to reduce dust in your home this hay fever season, because there is nothing worse than suffering symptoms of hay fever and dust mite allergies that can be helped through orderly, deep cleans by a professional to reduce the build-up of skin and dirt particles in your homes.

1. Clean from top to bottom


Do you clean your home in the right order?

It is important to clean your home in an orderly manner for the following reasons. If you vacuum your hallway and then clean your light fixtures, some dust is going to make its way to the floor, meaning the time spent vacuuming has now been wasted.

This is why when cleaning your house, it is recommended that you clean from top to bottom, so no time is wasted on what you have just cleaned. Vacuuming or mopping should be the last task you complete when wanting to prevent dust particles and mites from building up in your home.

2. Vacuum your home regularly


It is important to recognise that using a sweeping brush actually kicks up the dust more in your home than removing it, so should not be used when trying to reduce dust. The most efficient way to remove as much dust from your home a possible is to use a vacuum with a high-efficiency air filter at least twice a week with special attention to high-traffic areas of your home.

Vacuuming is the best way to reduce the levels of dust in your homes which is likely to make an instant difference for allergy sufferers, especially those living in larger and older houses that are more prone to building up dust.

3. Use an air purifier for dust

air purifier

When you suffer from breathing conditions like asthma or have severe allergies, symptoms can make daily life difficult. If this is the case, we recommend using an air purifier to help filter out dust particles in the air.

However, this does not mean you can ignore dusting your home, because purifiers don’t get rid of the nasty dust mites, since they are not airborne. This means regular dusting is still required when wanting to reduce the dust levels in your home, especially if you seem to think you might be suffering from a dust mite allergy.

4. Keep your home free from clutter

Piles of junk in your home is a common environment for dust to build up. When wondering how to reduce dust in your house, your first step is to decide which rooms contain the most clutter and start removing any unwanted kids toys, furniture, or any other items that have sat there for weeks without been touched.

Simply dusting around furniture or items will not completely reduce dust levels that have settled. Keeping your home free from piles of clutter will help make daily cleaning much easier and quicker.

5. Change your bedding regularly


Most of us spend around one-third of our life either sleeping or attempting to do so. This is a lot of time, and bedding is the perfect environment for the dust to accumulate dead skin cells, dirt from outside, and dust mites that can soon build up in a short period.

The best way on how to reduce dust in your bedroom is to simply wash your bedding at least once a week to avoid this problem.

To help people with allergies, there are allergen-proof mattress covers to prevent any allergic reactions such as asthma. This medical condition is more commonly found in those who also suffer from hay fever, so this could be a good idea for all those allergy and asthma sufferers.

6. Use microfibre cloths when dusting your home

microfibre cloth

It is important to note that not all dusting cloths work effectively as others, especially feather dusters that just spread the dust.

When dusting, you should use always use a microfibre cloth, as these are the perfect material for removing tiny dust particles, since the cloths are designed to trap and hold onto dust rather than spread it like other types of dusting materials.

7. Choose carefully where you groom your pets


For those who own pets, it is important to regularly groom your pets to keep your home as free from dust as possible. This is because pets carry lots of dust and dirt, especially when their fur easily sheds and builds up around the home. Keep on top of pet fur and dander by regularly brushing your pets.

Make sure you groom your pets in a room on a stone or tiled floor, rather than over rugs and carpets, as these areas are much more difficult to clean. These places trap the dust making it impossible to control the dust, so must be avoided when brushing your pets.

8. Ask guests to take their shoes off at the door


One of the most effective ways to reduce dust in your home is to have your visitors take off their shoes at the door before entering your home. This can significantly reduce the amount of dust tracked into your home.

When mud and dirt are tracked into the house from the bottom of dirty shoes, this will eventually turn into dust when it dries, so always leave your shoes behind at the door.

It’s impossible to maintain a home that’s completely free of dust, but having a regular cleaner is a great way to keep the amount of dust and dust mites in your home under control.

Want to kick back the dust in your home this hay fever season? Learn how to properly clean your home from our top 8 tips, or contact us today for Crystal Cleaning Servicing if you would like to learn more about what we have on offer. Check out our one-off cleaning and carpet shampoo services for a professional deep clean to help reduce dust in your home this summer.