Moving out of your rented property can be stressful enough, but as a tenant, it is also important to avoid potential deposit losses that may arise if the property isn’t handed back in the same condition as when you moved in.

The biggest cause of deposit deductions is issues relating to the cleanliness of the property. At the same time, cleaning when moving out of a rental is the easiest way to steer clear of this problem by performing an effective end of tenancy cleaning session before the final inspection from your landlord.

Here are our expert tips on what key areas need to be cleaned when moving out of a rental property before claiming back your deposit, including what a landlord is reliable to sort and pay for during your stay.

What is end of tenancy cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is a deep cleaning service for rented flats and houses. It is carried out at the end of each tenancy leaving the property at a professionally cleaned standard throughout all rooms.
The clean itself can be arranged by either you as the tenant, the landlord or the letting agent. End of tenancy cleaning includes a range of different cleaning services such as an oven clean, professional carpet cleaning and external window cleaning.

A professional end of tenancy clean gives peace of mind that the property will be cleaned to the very highest standards, which is helpful in the process of tenants wanting to receive a full deposit return.

Why take time to clean your rented property before moving out?

There are a few reasons why you should spend some worthy time cleaning the property you’ve been renting before moving out.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Everything You Need To Know Before You Go

1. Avoid disputation

The cleanliness of the property is one of the largest reasons behind tenancy disputes. According to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), over 50% of disputes are the result of concerns surrounding poor cleaning. By making the property as clean as it was when you first moved in, you’re more likely to get all of your deposit back that can contribute to your next property.

2. Receiving good references

It is important to impress your landlord, since you may need them to provide references for you when moving into your next property. Leaving their property to an unsatisfactory level of cleanliness when leaving could lead to a negative reference. Your landlord could include this information in their reference to your next Landlord.

This is why end of tenancy cleaning is the perfect solution for a good reference and increases the likelihood of getting a full deposit return to put towards your next property.

What does end of tenancy cleaning include?

A professional end of tenancy clean can include a range of services. Each property is different, so a good end of tenancy clean will be different to get each property looking its best.

You must always check your rental agreement to make sure you include everything you are required to do. Most of the time you will need a professional oven clean and may need your carpets professionally cleaned, especially If you have any pets living in your home as you may need a pet treatment to get rid of any dirty paw prints or smelly odours for the next tenant.

Here is our end of tenancy cleaning checklist that should be carried out in each area of your property before you go. It is important to remember every property will vary on what to clean when moving out depending on the architecture and what rooms you have in your rental property.

Hallways, stairs & landings

End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Everything You Need To Know Before You Go

• Upper-Level Dusting should include architraves, cornices, and light fixtures.
• Clean all woodwork including doors, door frames, skirting boards, picture rails, shelving, cupboards, bannisters, handrails and spindles.
• Clean all switches and sockets.
• Clean all internal window frames and glass.
• Dust and clean any radiators.
• Vacuum of all flooring along with a wet clean of any hard flooring.
• Carry out carpet cleaning to freshen up the room and get rid of any odours or stains.

Living rooms & dining rooms

End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Everything You Need To Know Before You Go

For living rooms & dining rooms, carry out all of the above cleaning checklist, as well as the ones below that may not be included in your hallways, stairs & landings:

• Clean any fireplaces and surrounds.
• Clean any furniture if the property was already furnished before you arrived.


End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Everything You Need To Know Before You Go

When cleaning your kitchen, follow the same routine for cleaning your floors and woodwork as previously mentioned, but just remember these kitchen specific ones:

• Clean the fridge and freezer inside and out.
• Professional clean of the oven.
• Clean the dishwasher inside and out.
• Clean all drawers inside and out.
• Clean the hob.
• De-grease the extractor fan.
• Clean any tiling and work surfaces.
• Clean and polish the sinks and taps.
• Clean the washing machine and drier including the drawer and seal.

Bathrooms & ensuites

End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Everything You Need To Know Before You Go

• Clean toilets including the toilet seat, behind and around the base and under the waterline.
• Clean the bath & shower removing any grime, limescale and mould.
• Clean and remove limescale from the showerhead.
• Clean the sink removing any limescale and grime.
• Clean any tiling including grout and remove mould where possible.
• Clean taps and remove limescale from the taps and base.
• Dust any shelves.
• Dust any clean inside and out of any cabinets.
• Dust and clean extractor fan.


End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Everything You Need To Know Before You Go

• Carry out any light bulb or battery replacements.
• Clean any furniture and vacuum over the mattress and change the bedding.
• Vacuum out any debris from the wardrobe and drawers.
• Clean down all doors and door frames.
• Dust and clean all skirting boards, including behind furniture if possible.
• Clean all internal window frames and glass.
• Wipe over and polish any pictures, wall hangings or mirrors.
• Dust and clean radiators.
• Professionally deep clean carpets.

What is a landlord required to fix?

A landlord has the responsibility to keep your rental property in a safe and habitable condition. It is a requirement that all vital services must be functioning correctly, including heating, hot water, electricity and gas. They must also make sure the rental property is clean and safe to live in, including the general safety of the building like the roof and other safety requirements such as having the right number of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that must be in good working order.

There are general things that most landlords pay for like property maintenance and repairs that must be reasonable. For example, if a tenant doesn’t have a working boiler, the landlord can hire a repairman to fix the current boiler. Though your landlord does not have to purchase a brand new boiler for the tenant if the current boiler can be repaired to a working condition.

So if you’re worried about end of tenancy cleaning, contact us today for Crystal Cleaning Servicing if you would like to learn more about what we have on offer. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to provide you with your free quote and explain more about what it is we provide and just how it can work for you when moving out of your rented property.