With children back in school, many parents are breathing a sigh of relief that the summer holiday break is finally over. Not that we didn’t have a lot of fun with our children this summer, but by the end of summer break, they typically start to get bored and need the distraction that school can bring to reset their brains.

So what do you do now? The house is all yours throughout the day and you should take advantage of it. But first, there is some house cleaning to do. After all, having the children home all day throughout the summer can create quite a mess. A good deep cleaning is in order and part of your deep cleaning checklist should include some ways to keep your home cleaner when your kids get home from school.

If you are looking for some simple back to school cleaning tips that are perfect for your busy lifestyle, keep reading as we are going to share our favourite home cleaning tips. Let’s get started:

5 Back To School Cleaning Tips For Busy Parents

Daily Disinfecting- every day, give your house a disinfecting treatment using either disinfectant wipes or a good disinfectant spray. You should wipe down school accessories including lunchboxes, backpacks and any other items your children bring home on a daily basis.

Do Laundry Often- most families with children are doing laundry every day, but they might be missing out on some important items that should be washed after every use. These include bath towels and kitchen towels, both of which can be a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Additionally, bed linens should be washed on a weekly basis to ensure freshness and a good night’s sleep.

Take Your Shoes Off- any time someone enters the house, they should take their shoes off. Shoes track in a lot of outside dirt and debris which can leave your floors looking dingy.

Weekly Room Overhaul- every week, have your children give their rooms a thorough deep cleaning. This can help them learn to keep their rooms cleaner throughout the week and might even help them find that missing sock or their favourite shirt that they have been looking for.

Wash Hands Often- while not exactly a house cleaning tip, it will keep your home cleaner and reduce the amount of germs and bacteria found on your hard surfaces. Washing your hands frequently can help stop the spread of colds and the flu virus. This is especially important during back to school time when your children encounter others and are exposed to more germs.

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