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5 things you should clean regularly

Keeping track of your cleaning can be a difficult task, but did you know there are certain things that need cleaning more often than others? Whether it’s your phone, your tea towels or even your makeup sponges, the things that you encounter on a regular basis often need cleaning more than you might think.

In this helpful guide, our experts have pulled together 9 things you should be thinking about cleaning more regularly.

1. Mobile phone cleaning

A study conducted for Global Handwashing Day found that 1 in 6 mobile phones in the UK is contaminated with faecal matter. Not a nice thought, is it?

Cleaning your phone and phone case couldn’t be simpler, however. Follow our steps below to achieve a fantastically clean device.

Smartphone cleaning

How to clean your phone case

Cleaning your phone case is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow our tips below to ensure your case is given a new lease of life:

  1. Carefully remove your phone from its case
  2. Fill a bowl with warm (not hot), soapy water
  3. With a cloth, gently wash your case
  4. Rinse under a cold tap
  5. Leave to dry completely before returning your phone to its case

How to clean your phone

You need to make sure you keep your phone as dry as possible through the cleaning process – ensuring that none of the delicate electrical components encounter water, even if your phone has an IP rating. Because of this, alcohol wipes are ideal at killing bacteria without using any liquids.

Simply wipe your phone a few times using one of the wipes, working your way from front to back and around the sides of the device.

2. Cleaning tea towels

We would like to bet that every household and office in the UK will have a few tea towels. Fantastically practical when you haven’t got a dishwasher, they do need washing frequently to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

How to wash tea towels

Simply throw your tea towels in the washing machine at a standard 40°C and let the machine work its magic. It’s important not to just leave your dirty tea towels in the laundry basket because this is the ideal breeding ground for mould and mildew to develop, which can in turn spread to your clothing.

Experts from the University of Mauritius found that tea towels could contribute to the growth of bacteria that causes food poisoning. With that in mind, we’d recommend switching your tea towel for a different one at least every other day, and daily if you can.

How to clean stained tea towels

Tea towels naturally go through a lot through their lifetime, and you’ll notice a few stains here and there. If you want to try and get some stains out of your tea towels, try washing them with a little bit of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, which should help lift the stain and remove it.

3. Cleaning makeup sponges

It’s important to clean your makeup sponges often as they are used to collect skin oils and also blend your favourite cosmetics, meaning they have the potential to rub spot-causing bacteria and grime all over your face.

makeup sponges

How to clean makeup sponges

Simply follow these easy steps to make sure your makeup sponges are looking fresher than ever:

  1. Wet your sponge – under running water, gently squeeze your sponge until wet
  2. Use soap – with a delicate soap, clean your sponge, squeezing as you go
  3. Rinse – once you’ve given your makeup sponge a good scrub, make sure you rinse it thoroughly
  4. Dry – leave your sponge to dry in an open space to reduce the chances of mildew and other bacteria forming

4. Remote controls

Whether it’s for your television, your streaming box or even your games console, the humble remote control can harbour a lot of dirt and grime, which can not only pose a threat to your health but can reduce the useable lifespan of the device.

TV remote

How to clean a remote control

Rubbing alcohol can easily sanitise your remote control. Simple grab some kitchen role or a clean cloth, pour a small amount of the rubbing alcohol onto your cloth and wipe your remote thoroughly. This will remove bacteria and grime and will bring your remote control up like new.

5. Toothbrush

It’s probably a fair assumption that you keep your toothbrush in your bathroom, and as this is the area that houses the toilet too, the chances of bacteria developing and transferring from other areas of the bathroom are high. In fact, a study by a UK dental surgery found that the average toothbrush can contain more than 10 million bacteria.

Therefore, it’s incredibly important to keep your toothbrush clean.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

How to clean a toothbrush

Follow these quick and easy steps to make sure your toothbrush is kept clean and free from harmful bacteria.

  1. After brushing, rinse the bristles thoroughly
  2. In a small cup, pour in some antiseptic mouthwash (enough to cover the head of the brush)
  3. Soak your brush for 10 minutes before removing from the mouthwash
  4. Rinse again under running water

As we use mouthwash to clean the inside of our mouths, it’s a great tip to also keep your toothbrush looking its best.

And there you have it! 5 things around the house that you should definitely think about cleaning more regularly. Want the help of some cleaning professionals? Don’t forget to check out our range of domestic cleaning services.

There are also a number of things that you should be cleaning if you are regularly in the office too! Check out our helpful guide.